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Cutek and Dimensional Stability

The images below demonstrate the exceptional long term dimensional stability that Cutek products impart to timber.

Picture 1. Thermally treated Southern Yellow Pine six weeks after the piece was cut in half, and one side (left) was dipped once in clear Cutek Extreme. The picture shows swelling and fading in the uncoated portion. These pieces were both left in full sun and rain exposure. (Click image to enlarge)

Picture 2 The same pieces of Southern Yellow Pine as Picture 1, after 12 months exposure. The Cutek Extreme coated piece has faded to a natural wood look but has not greyed or changed in size. The uncoated piece has swelled, split and gone grey. (Click image to enlarge)

Picture 3 Several species of timber which were dip coated once in Cutek Extreme (one end of the board only). The other end was left uncoated. This picture of the dipped ends was taken 12 months after coating. (Click image to enlarge)

Picture 4 The same pieces of timber as in Picture 3, showing the uncoated ends, after 12 months of full sun and rain exposure. (Click image to enlarge)