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Important Information:
Removing Film Coatings

When interior and exterior timber, metal, brick and masonry surfaces have been previously coated with a failed surface coating, this must be COMPLETELY removed prior to refinishing with Cutek Oils. It is very important that there is NO barrier to the free penetration, diffusion or migration of the Cutek Oils into the timber substrate. Additionally, if the failed coating shows signs of peeling, chalking, cracking or algae growing underneath the finish, it must be COMPLETELY removed.

Stripping timber decks using the traditional floor sanding techniques is often a difficult process. Firstly, if the decks are not totally flat, floor sanders leave large amount of shadows that need to be sanded by hand as well as all the edges, under balustrades and overhangs. Secondly, traditional floor sanding requires the nails to be countersunk otherwise the sander will grind the top of the nails off. Countersinking nails is very labour intensive and driving a larger dome head nail beneath the surface causes major timber splitting issues that reduce the service life of the deck. Cutek CD33 Naked is the smart alternative to sanding and using dangerous methylene chloride paint strippers in this removal process, because Cutek CD33 Naked is a paint & timber finish remover that is biodegradable, partially water soluble and has a low odour.

How to strip a deck using Cutek CD33 Naked

For best results wash off with a 300 psi 17L per minute high pressure cleaner, with a "putty knife" jet fan. On a vertical surface such as cladding, wash from the, lowest to the highest point methodically. The fan jet should be 40mm - 50mm away from the substrate. The stroke should go from left to right, starting in an arc and leaving at an arc so as not to damage the timber. Overlap each stroke not to miss any. Do not leave the pressure cleaner stationary on the timber at any time.

CAUTION must be used when cleaning soft and hard timbers, reduce or increase pressure by allowing the fan on get closer of further away from the substrate. Additionally certain types of wood surfaces may leave a raised grain, these area can be sanded once dried. If you only have a low pressure low flow pressure cleaner a turbo head can be used.

Recoating with CUTEK

Following the restoration of the timber with CUTEK CD33 Naked, it is important to complete the restoration process by coating the timber with an appropriate CUTEK wood protection oil, following the procedure detailed in the relevant Factsheet. Failure to treat the wood after restoration will result in the weathering process occurring more rapidly than it took prior to restoration..